Saturday, 1 April 2017

Different Types Of Architectural Housing In Christchurch

Everyone has a dream home. From a young age, we have an idea of how our home should look like. Not everyone wants to live in the same house. Different people have different preferences. A housing style that looks appealing to you won’t necessarily look appealing to me. Someone might want a Georgian style house while someone else might be looking for a modern house.

architectural housing in Christchurch
Given the differences in people’s tastes and preferences, there are many different styles of Architectural housing in Christchurch today. We will share with you the different types of housing styles that you can choose from depending upon your preferences.

1. Colonial Style

The colonial style of Architectural housing traces its origin to the British Empire. Colonial homes are usually square with the main door in the middle of the house and windows on both sides of the door. Colonial homes are typically two-storied houses. The bathrooms are generally on the second storey. These houses have a pair of chimneys on the top and the roofs are pitched. The house gives an antique look.

2. Modern Style

The modern style of Architectural Housing Christchurch is asymmetrical with open layouts and abundant natural lights. The characteristics are flat and shallow-pitched roofs and walls without any decorative trims. The house is equipped with all the modern appliances and suits the needs of today’s generation.

3. Country House Style

This style of Architectural Housing in Christchurch is suitable for rural areas and the outskirts of the city. It is usually a large house in the countryside, hence the name country house. It is spread over a large area. The roofs in these homes are tall. The design used is mostly classical. There is a large porch area. The windows are shuttered. The doors and windows give a traditional look.

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